Our Lady of the Snows Chapel

Climax Springs

Physical Address

51 Grace Lane

Climax Springs, MO 65324

Mailing Address

1636 Triple Cove Lane

Climax Springs, MO 65324

(573) 345-4223 (Answering Machine)

(573) 346-2716 (St. Anthony's office)

Weekend Mass

Vigil Mass (Saturday): 3:00 PM

Reconciliation 30 minutes before Mass


Pastor: Rev. Daniel Vacca

ClimaxSprings OurLadyoftheSnows

Our Lady of the Snows is a chapel of St. Anthony's Parish.


Our Lady of the Snows chapel was established in January 1983 as an outdoor Mass station under the guidance of Fr. Joseph Starman on land donated by Fred & Louise Baker. The initial planning meeting was held at Baker's Resort and was well attended.

In 1987 through the generosity of our local community, a permanent church was built on land donated by Nolan Helm using volunteer help.

A boat dock was built to provide a pick-up service for people across the lake. Seasonal pick-up service is available from Memorial Day through Labor day by calling (573) 345-3133.